The Path

In one of his rare writings, the Sufi sage Hafik comments on the idea of travel;

“Accept with wisdom the fact that the Path is full of contradictions.

Many times the Path will contradict itself, just to stimulate the passenger to discover what will happen at the next curve. If two travelers take this journey together, it is almost certain that one of them is on the wrong Path.

Each person must run his own risks along his Way, because there are no set formulas to achieving the Truth.

Only the ignorant try to imitate the ways of others. The intelligent men don’t waste their time with that, and develop their own set of skills.

They know that no two leaves in the forest of a million trees are exactly the same. No two Paths on the Journey of Life are exactly the same.”

I like to add a last thought. Either as inspiration or as a post-rationalisation. Whatever fits best at the time or situation: “Diversity is the path to enlightment”.

Shifting Reality

From the REFORMATION series

It’s funny how things go. How we have the tendency to stick to situations or things, even when it’s bad. Whether it is a job, a relationship or a bad habit like smoking, it is hard to change.

But don’t worry! It is a human thing.
Humans – and we all are – like cliché’s, the patterns, the habits. We get used to them and somehow make that situation a goal on it’s own. It is how we’re programmed; it is called cognitive dissonance.

Add the fear of change and most of the time we’ll end up in a very rigid position. What will happen in case I’ll make that radical decision? And none of us has a glass bowl.

Well, it is simple; you don’t need a glass bowl.
It will ALWAYS be better then sticking to a bad situation, no matter what excuses you can come up with.

There’s a way.

Try to imagine how you feel in this ideal situation, this new reality. The happiness, the freedom, the air, the whatever-you-want-to-feel. Just focus on that feeling and make decision. Use it as a springboard to something new and refreshing!

You’ll find that the more you can attach to that positive feeling the more everything around it, becomes real.

It is attracted by it, like a magnet. It isn’t for nothing the word reality is derived from the word real, from the Latin word ‘realis’, which means ‘Relating to things’.

Relate to that positive feelings and it will turn into reality.

Happy Shifting.

Shifting Polarity is part of the Reformation series.
Reformation is embracing new knowledge and insights in order to rewire existing patterns in the brain and ones natural behavior. Reformation is phase One and internal. Phase Two is Transformation the external result