Careless Caremore


When a child acts crazy and ludicrous, we find it cute and adorable.
When an adult acts crazy and ludicrous, we find it odd and disturbing.
That’s why we don’t do it.

We don’t-do a lot of things, because we think other people, might not like it.
It goes the other way around as well, we do things we think others might like

The bottom line here is that a lot of our behavior is influenced by our subjective filter of what other people might think…. That sounds exhausting, doesn’t it?

It is! Not only are you fooling yourself, you also fool ‘the other’. You think what you do is good for the other, without asking. It is a guess. That is in fact impolite.

Probably you think, not me, I am not doing that.
Well you do – and we all do because we’re so used to it, we don’t notice it anymore. It has become a habit. And if you don’t believe me, then tell me, when was the last time you acted crazy and ludicrous? Or laughed so hard it hurt…?


I made the decision to care less about what other people think, and care more about what my heart tells me. My true heart. My child’s heart. Being without restrictions. I am working on it and it feels really good.

Not only is the Careless liberating, by doing so I realized I was actually ‘Caremore’. By being Careless about what other people might think, I cared more about them. I trusted them. I gave them the true me, including my big amount of stored child-energy. Without fear. It’s a good beginning, but I still need to grow in it.

I was thinking about some kind of an exercise and the following popped my mind:

Look in the mirror and talk to yourself.
Say for example “Hello, how are you? Tell me, how do you feel?”
And laugh really hard.

Now do he same with your hands behind your ears.

That is how other people hear your voice.
This is your pure voice, not the voice you yourself hear. That voice is disturbed by the trembling of your body and the muting of the surrounding.

And now say “I love you”
and start a conversation with
the child in you.


Careless Caremore is part of the Heroic series. The idea behind the paintings is to re-discover or inner child and release it. Letting the child free in you as an adult is an heroic deed! Not only your happiness gets a boost, you’ll make surroundings happy as well. Try it. Just start laughing hard, you’ll see others will start laughing as well.