Animal Zen Masters: The Parrot

Nature delivers the greatest Zen masters in learning how to live in the presence.

Parrots (1)

Ever noticed the confidence of a parrot during the day? Noisy and colourful, moving around, checking the area. He sees any predator coming and flies away in a fraction.

At night on the other hand, all of colours in nature fade to grey. You can’t see a thing. So at night the parrot is grey, silent and doesn’t move.

Know when to be silent and know when to talk. And remember, the beauty of music is in the silence.

Animal Zen Masters: The Duck

Nature delivers the greatest Zen masters in learning how to live in the presence.

Photograpy - Duck swimming.preview (1)

Ducks come in many shapes and colours.
Some are hardly recognizable as a duck, but almost effortlessly they glide through the water. Underneath the surface however, their feet constantly paddle at a high speed and still, they gracefully float on the water.

Be like the duck, calm and graceful on the outside, but full of energy under the surface.

Animal Zen Masters: The cat

Nature delivers the greatest Zen masters in learning how to live in the presence.

6914641-black-cat-photo (1)

It is fascinating to see cats balancing on the most impossible objects high in the sky and seem to keep their balance in a perfect way. But even cats fall off sometimes, in a dramatic way and it is funy to see how undisturbed a cat can walk away afterwards as if nothing happened.

Even if you’re wrong you’re right, because you made an impact and that is enough.

Zen Masters: The fly

Nature delivers the greatest Zen masters in learning how to live in the presence.

Green_Fly (1)

Ever wondered why it is so difficult to hit a fly?
Their secret is that they’re consciousness is so much in the presence, the sense 0,5 seconds in the future and 0,5 seconds in the past, so are gone before you’re even think of hitting.

The more rooted you are in the presence, the more consious you are.

Zen Masters: The peregrine Falcon

Nature delivers the greatest Zen masters in learning how to live in the presence.


Imagine a brid faster then a Ferrari. It exists and its Latin name is Falco peregrinus. Its normal airspeed is 105-115 kilometers per hour, but when it dives it reaches velocities that exceed 320 km/h!


It climbs up to a high altitude and gravity plus a perfect body shape does the rest. Nostrils and eyelids are protected, because of the pressure is so high.

Be the falcon, shape your being to reduce friction and use the power of gravity.

Zen Masters: The cow

Nature delivers the greatest Zen masters in learning how to live in the presence.


I was staring at a cow laying in the meadow relaxed and ruminating.
It was staring back at me with big, lazy eyes. At least so it seems on the outside. Inside a huge factory is working. Eating, swallowing, pre-processing, ruminating and swallow again, using 4 stomachs.

Be the cow when interacting with othes, swallow, pre-process and ruminate the words, before you react.

What about the wings 


Imagine you’re an angel but are not able to use your magnificent wings because somehow, it is not accepted. Because it’s weird and out of the ordinary. What would you do?

Wings are hard to hide. Their too big and they’re also a piece of art. Let’s face it, art should not be hidden in a darkened cold cellar, it has to be out in the open.

Talents are like the wings of an angel.

Showing them is out of the ordinary and catches (too much?) attention. But, is the opinion of the less talented the convention? Or the opinions of the ones that are too shy or insecure, hiding their own wings? No.

Spread you’re wings so you can fly and people look up in wonder instead of looking down at the floor. Using your wings inspires everybody, sooner or later, direct or indirect, small or big. But most of all, it will inspire the hidden angels to spread their wings as well.


The painting is part of the Heavenly-series

The power of the mind



She drained the energy out of me in a way, even a Duracell Power Plus battery couldn’t handle for long. She was full of negative energy almost to a level I had difficulties coping with it. Fortunately, I was aware in time, and wasn’t sucked into this river of negativity.

It was clear, our visitor was a very unhappy person.
She blamed past (and future) of the heavy life she is in now. Her ‘egoic’ controlled mind was driving her behaviour a 100% and blamed anyone and everything as the cause of her misery. Even I couldn’t change her mind in a positive way, and believe me I tried.

It made me realize how strong the mind or ego can be in controlling behaviour and life, by squeezing out all oxygen out of consciousness. A terrible feeling.

The Mind,
it is talking continuously in my head as well, so I was wondering how much it controls my behaviour (and fears) and how to handle that in relation to my consciousness. I too have negative thoughts, feel anxious or insecure now and then, have judgements about others. I know it’s my ‘egoic’ mind that takes control, but I want my spirit to be. I want my spirit to be free and in direct contact with the source.

Instantly it became clear: It is the moment I think of my mind thinking.

It is then I am becoming the watcher of my thoughts and thus ‘in control’ of them and closer to consciousness. It is that space I want to be, briefly at least, or longer when possible.

So, the moment you’re aware of thoughts (negative and positive), you’re able to put things into a perspective (enlightenment). A perspective where mind and consciousness (ego and being) can team up and create synergy. All thoughts, bad and good, are positive energy, it is important be aware of the thoughts, in order to tap into the infinite source of energy.

Be conscious of mind

The painting is part of the Heavenly-series