About us

Gong San Ho is a pseudonym that I use when my right brain is talking.
It has been with me for a long time, but I never used it, until my sister asked me to think about a name for the ART she is making. She lived in Vietnam at that time and was exploring the differences or powers between the East and the West.

We invented the World of Weast, which is based on a riddle from Gon San Ho:

How far do you have to travel to the West to meet the East?
You’re always there, it is a matter of perspective…

With the ART, the quotes, the riddles and the stories we want to create this perspective.

Ilagila is also known by the name Irene Hoff. She’s the artist and makes all these beautiful paintings.

My name is Gerard Siebe Hoff, but  Gong San Ho is the message.

Gong = The wake up call
San = Friend
Ho = Stop, time to change

You can contact us by sending a mail to gongsanho @ gmail.com

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