Animal Zen Masters: The Albatross

Nature delivers the greatest Zen masters in learning how to live in the now.


Albatrosses are the biggest birds on earth.
Some of them can have a wing span of 370 centimeters (12 feet). The bones in the wings are hollow to save weight and at the same time make them ultra strong. The front of the wing bone has a rounded shape for aerodynamics.

Albatrosses spend most of their life in the air.
They fly highly efficient and can lock-up the wings in with a special muscle and shoulder joint. By only moving their head they change direction, using dynamic soaring and slope soaring. That way they can fly distances up to a 1000 kilometers a day, effortless.
The only exertion is when they take off.

Life is not about carrying weight,
it’s about floating in the air.
Lock your wings

3 thoughts on “Animal Zen Masters: The Albatross

  1. Louis Naughtic August 4, 2016 / 4:26 am

    As an experienced practitioner of meditation and various philosophies, I disagree. “War is the context inwhich peace exists” – John C. Wright

    Denying this is to make the self vulnerable. That vulnerability can lead to psychological damages which warp and twist the self into a rampaging maniac.

    Therefore, careful and grim vigilance, reliant on familiarity with the problems within ourselves and the world, is the truest path to peace. For peace is made and maintained. Not reliant on favorable winds.

    • Gerard S. Hoff August 4, 2016 / 7:24 am

      Dear Louis
      I appreciate your comment and like to respond:

      To be clear, it is not about denying ‘the war’ is the opposite.
      It is about acknowledging ‘the war’ and constantly be aware (and the feelings it provokes). But when these feelings take control it is hard enjoy society and life. By practicing in making choices without the uncertainty or the worry in advance nor the guilt and disappointment afterwards, you can become a leader instead of a sufferer.

      The Greek Stoic philosopher Epicurus ( 341-270 BC) said: “Happiness lies, especially in the absence of pain and turmoil and the art (of life) lies realizing each time that you have no pain or fear”.

      Floating in the air is not about being in the air, it is about staying in the air.

  2. Louis Naughtic August 4, 2016 / 7:32 am

    Ok. I imagine, you can imagine, where one can come to my conclusion about your meaning.

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