Animal Zen Masters: The Caterpillar

Nature delivers the greatest Zen masters in learning how to live in the now.


A caterpillar starts eating the day it is born from his tiny egg. Green leaves and fresh grass is paradise, all you can eat, especially on a sunny day.

It’s also the fastest growing organism on the planet. Up to 10.000 times its birth weight within 20 days is the record. A caterpillar moults up to 5 times during its short life, as it literally bursts out of its skin.

Imagine the face of the caterpillar, after all this eating, when it finds itself trapped in a cocoon. What am I doing here?

Now imagine the same face after breaking out of it. As a butterfly.
Life of a caterpillar is pretty amazing.

Any stage
is a stage to grow
into something more beautiful.

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