Beyond the noise


Einstein once said: “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

I like that saying a lot. Besides the fact that it promotes being open for change, it also means that it is good to go against the grain now and then. Not just to make a point, but also get a stir. Make people (and yourself) thing about he way we do things and we tend to do things always in the same way. That isn’t moving.

I love to ride a bicycle.
I get up ridiculously early and put in my bike gear to make my round. I do that no matter what weather, Cold, warm, rain or snow. But there’s always the noise of wind in my ears.

In a way think of it as the noise inside your head, that distracts you from being in the presence. It is the voice of your mind that interfering in being in touch with true spirit.

When I ride my bike I consciously listen beyond the noise and listen to the birds, the cars, my tires on the road, really feel the presence of everything around.

I even turn out the light and ride in darkness, with only the moonlight. It feels like the road is moving underneath you, instead of you moving over the road. Standing still while the world moves. What a thought.

Now, when I walk to the bakery or to my car I make it a habit to listen beyond the noise. The birds singing; the rustling of the leaves in the trees; my footsteps on the pavement, the beating of my heart.
It is a great and way to be in the presence.

Try it.
Turn on your in dolby and start listening beyond the noise.