My original idea was that this story was about stuff.
Whether you possess your stuff or your stuff possesses you. And that the latter is true in many cases and that stuff seems to be determining who we want to be, why we loose track of being ourselves.

The image in the end I had, was this little over weight guy on the beach, trying to compensate his lack of stuff with a hipster Speedo that’s too tight or an over sized swim short and an over-sized watch.

But something changed my mind and made me realize this story is not about stuff, but about time and thought.

Do you possess time or does time possess you?
Are you feeling relaxed and in control or do you feel a lingering anxiety. Always the sense you don’t have enough time and at the end of the realize you haven’t actually done, the things you wanted to do?

Well, then it is time to create time. It sounds impossible, but in fact it is not. Saving time is about braking old routines and creating new ones.

How many times do you check your phone, emails, facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. How many times are you distracted from the task at hands? How many times your thoughts are wondering of? It is all resulting in a very inefficient use of time, so let’s fix that first.

How? Become more conscious of what you do and how you do it. Just control the impulse of distraction every two times out of 3 and you will see you save time. Get up one hour earlier and consciously plan what you want to do with this extra time (make it useful). Stop procrastinating and grab the bull by the horns by doing things immediately. Create a structure in how to approach ‘things’. You will see. You’ll be creating time, you didn’t know you had.

Do you possess your thoughts or are your thoughts possessing you?
Can you worry about something in an instance? Al the things that need to be done? Is it hard to forget a quarrel or disagreement? Are you feeling insecure or are your thoughts creating barriers, immobilizing you?

Well, now you’ve freed some time, it is interesting to spend time on your thoughts and think about the thoughts you have. Get a hold of what your mind is telling you and figure out how you react to it.

Why are you upset? Think about it in depth. Why are you angry? Think about it in depth. Why are you happy? Think about it in depth. It can be small things. By active listening and thinking about it, you make a start to make a change. And remember, after you thought about it in depth, let it go.
There’s a lot to be learned.

Become a master of your thoughts and you start to become a master of life.

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