Without bad, there’s no good.
Without black, there’s no white.
Without hate, there’s no love
Without Ying, there’s no Yang,
in fact everything needs an opposite to exist. Without opposites, there’s no perspective and things fall into nothingness.

But the interesting thing is that it is not about balance. It is about restoring balance. In a positive way.

There’s an article I read a while ago about running. The ‘normal’ way to run is to push with one foot and then push with the other and so on. The harder you push and higher the frequency, the faster you run. But there’s another way to run as well.

This way of running starts with falling forward and to make sure you don’t fall on your face, you need to restore balance by moving your feet (try it). This way of running is based on preventing to fall. It is a different technique, different muscles are used, but it is less straining for your back and bones. Besides it is fast. Faster then you can imagine.

Anyway, back to restoring balance.

Live, or reality, is no more then a projection of our imagination. If we don’t know it, we can’t imagine it. And if we cannot imagine it, it cannot become reality because we don’t have the images to see it.

It doesn’t mean we’re stuck. On the contrary, the only thing we need to do is increase our power to imagine, but too many people limit their imagination and therefore are not able to change their reality.

So when Picasso said “Anything you can imagine is real” he was also talking about the limitations of imagination. I think he gave at least 2 messages:

  1. When you look at my () paintings and accept them, you’re able to enlarge the way you can perceive reality.
  2. In live, increase the fuel of your imagination by experiencing more and you’re able to increase your reality.

I see it like this:
Imagination is inward and about being, like thinking, meditating, your inner-voice. Experiencing on the other hand is outward and about doing, see how your increased imagination, creates a new reality and experience that. Being aware of it. This new perceived reality is again fuel for being and thinking, which fuels in it’s turn imagination…

It is like a dance, changing between doing and being and sounds like:


Enjoy your dance and increase reality.

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