Stepping out…….in


Sometime it feels people are stuck in the frame of a picture and that isn’t strange. We’re very good in creating a tunnel vision.

We have the tendency to recycle 98% of the knowledge we have on a continuous basis. Main reason is that we’re too pre-occupied with what we know or just scared to step outside our frame of habits.

The result is that most of the things we see or believe stay the same. That is ok if you don’t want to be happier.

The downside of creating this tunnel vision is that it will clog your spiritual aorta.

That’s why we sometimes need to step out of our frame to clean up the clog and actually it isn’t all that difficult.

It starts by doing something irrational.
Indeed, doing something non-rational and therefore closer to emotion. So instead of controlling insecurities, it is about focusing on that first step. Steppin out of that ‘comfort-zone’ into the space where something new happens.

And you don’t have to be afraid because you can always step back into your frame. Or even hold it when stepping out to feel secure about the irrational thing you’re about to do. But always do it consciously.

Step by step you will notice new things appearing in your frame you never seen before and by time, you’ll see your frame is getting larger as well and you yourself are growing happier and happier.

Stepping out is stepping in.
Into a new world.





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