River Delta – Many ways

It is interesting to think of how people get to where they are, because one thing is sure: “We’re all born as babies and we all have been a child”. It is a funny game to look at people and imagine how they were as a baby or a child.

IMG_1388-work in progress, not finished-

Most of the times the contrast couldn’t be bigger, with who they are now. All the innocence, all the wondering is gone and replaced with ignorance and worries. Only sometimes the baby face is shimmering through.

Still, at any point in life, there is a way to be reborn. In fact, there are many ways and the choice is yours.

Some will see that as an opportunity and some will see it as a threat, while actually there’s no difference. The difference is in perception and in the way you choose to experience it. With joy and pleasure or anxiety and fear. In the end we all end up in the same space, just with or without the experience for a next life.

The way I see it is like a River Delta.

One stream branches into another stream, which is actually the representation of possibilities and opportunities you have in life. But, there’s a choice: Either you go upstream, ending up in the main river, or you go downstream ending up in the ocean.

Going upstream is going against gravity and forcing a way up, ultimately ending up somewhere at the spring of the river, on top of a mountain, feeling exhausted and realizing there’s actually no way but down.

Going downstream ending up in the ocean, and eventually vaporize, become a raindrop and float in the sky in a cloud and come down as refreshing rain on the top of a mountain at the spring of the river. Ready for a new journey.

Both are part of the same ecosystem.
Both in the end, end up in the ocean.
Which way do you choose?

River Delta Life is part of the World OF WEAST collection

2 thoughts on “River Delta – Many ways

  1. Madeline Johnson October 6, 2015 / 3:32 pm

    This is such a beautiful post – I struggle but choose to live with joy and pleasure – to flow in the river as one with the universe. Thank you for inspiring.

    • Gerard S. Hoff October 6, 2015 / 4:02 pm

      Hi Madeline, thanks for your note. Happy to read the story sparked some energy. Enjoy. Gerard

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