The Silent Parrot

The Silent Parrot

The Peacock was making a lot of noise when he told the parrot that he didn’t understand why the Peahen from around the corner didn’t give him a moment’s notice. His plumage was wide open and the pattern of blue eyes was shining in the sun. He was dancing and hopping up and down furiously and kept complaining, asking the Parrot how on earth it was possible that he crashed and burned like this.

Quizzically the Peacock looked at the parrot.
The Parrot bowed his head to the left.

The Peacock said: You’re right, maybe I am overdoing and maybe she just doesn’t like the jumping, Yes! I shouldn’t jump, so she can see my feathers and me better.

Again the Peacock looked quizzically at the parrot, while his mind kept spinning.
The Parrot bowed his head to the right.

Plumage! That’s it, I am intimidating her with my feathers. She doesn’t have a tail like mine, she’s probably sad and that’s why she doesn’t look at me. I have to go see her without my plumage up.

This time the Parrot blinked his eyes twice, but didn’t move his head.

The Peacock wasn’t bothered by the earsplitting silence of the parrot and realized another thing. I shouldn’t be so loud! Because of my cackling she actually can’t hear me!

Oh? the Peacock said.

The Parrot said absolutely nothing.

You think I should go talk to her? Without the jumping, the plumage and the cackling? And don’t talk? Just sit next to her, looking at the clouds and the beautiful flowers gleaming in the sun?
Thanks pall, I’ll go right to her!

Sometimes the best way to entertain people is to say nothing.


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