How dragon fish became the Dragon Fish

Sounds Fishy

Every day, many, many fish are born.

One day a very special fish was born, at least that was what the special fish thought. He felt different.

He was born like all the ordinary fish, but once in his early life, he swam along a shiny coral. The coral was so shiny it worked like a mirror. He could see himself for the first time in his life and saw what we would call a birthmark.

The fish however saw something else (also, he did not know what a birthmark was). He clearly recognized a dragon and instantly realized why he was different; he was a dragon.

From that day on he felt like a dragon and behaved like one and it felt good. His family and friends though, laughed at him and made fun. Although he felt sad about this, he did not change his belief: he was a dragon.

One day his family and friends were swimming together and having fun, when suddenly a big ugly fish, looking for a snack, spotted them. For a big ugly fish, a group of fish is a nice meal, so he went for them, thinking: The more I can get in one bite, the better.

But just before the big fish was about to have his entree, our dragon fish swims fast and furiously towards the big ugly fish and starts blipping and moving like a dragon.

The ugly fish is distracted and moves towards him and eats him with one bite….

…and swims away, leaving the other fish flabbergasted and shocked.

The dragon fish inside the big ugly fish is completely confused and scared in the darkness of the stomach, but alive and with no intention to give up. He starts moving and blipping inside the stomach even more furiously!

The big fish never felt anything like that before and looses his orientation! Not just a bit, but completely. He starts swimming faster and faster, completely disoriented, just to get rid of this disturbing feeling inside and as a result hits a rock. Hard.

So hard, the dragon fish flies out of the stomach and out of the big ugly fish. The big ugly fish itself hits the rock so hard, his skull cracked. And that was the end of the fish.

When our little brave dragon fish is able to see clearly again, he sees his friends and family who gathered around him, cheering and slapping his shoulders with their fins, very happy because he saved their lives!

No more mocking, no more jokes or laughs for the fish that believed he was a dragon. He saved their lives and that was all that mattered. From that day on, they called him Dragon Fish the Hero of the deep sea.

The moral of this fable is that power comes when you believe in it yourself. Without that it’s hard to achieve anything. Because when you don’t believe it yourself, how can you expect somebody else to believe it…

It is very important to start believing you’re a dragon (or anything that matters to you), releasing the enormous power within.

Don’t give up, keep on going and one day, you can become that dragon.

Dragon fish is part of the World of Beast.

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