HER21 Fighting for the King 120x160cm option 2

I had an interesting experience.

I was driving on the highway, when I saw something on the road. I hit it before I could avoid it. The result was a busted tire, late arrival for an appointment and 2 new tires that had to be mounted.

I was thinking what the story about obstacles is and how to avoid them and then I realized, avoiding obstacles is our natural reflex.

An obstacle is an annoyance, time-consuming and can be costly, but at the same time any obstacle instantly changes your life. It can be something difficult, something new, something unfamiliar, something scary,…

There’s a life before and after an obstacle. Avoiding an obstacle doesn’t change a thing. Life goes on as it was.

Confronting an obstacle is an instant change. Like no flat tire / flat tire.

Confronting an obstacle is an investment in change. It may cost time and money and energy, but what does that matter when the outcome is better. What is time and money on a cosmic level?

Again like the tires. They’re now brand new, with a deep profile, ready for some serious and save driving in wind and rain. That gives a good and secure feeling.

Of course not all obstacles are worth confronting, be wise in picking the good ones. The ones that have an impact that counts.

You know which ones.

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