Rubber Band

REF24 splashed 100x150cm

Carpe Diem or in other words “Live in the moment” that’s what is said and that is good.

At the same time it is good to plan the future.

And sometimes it means that in order to get there you need to go through a period that is not so Carpe Diem and takes a lot of strength to go through. So how to match that? How to create enough motivation?

I created a way of thinking and it goes like this:

Today and the Future are connected by a rubber band. In order to get to the future, it is necessary to have enough tension on the rubber band.

Like when you start running, then a 5 kilometers run seems like an impossible distance and at the same time liberating. And the first training ‘run’ of 1 kilometer is really tough. But training in a consistent way will eventually get you to the 5 kilometers.

It’s the little voices that sometimes prevent you from starting, while without a start, there never will be any progress. Listen to these voices and then ignore them, go for great.

In short: Try to imagine a great future and enjoy the day as much as possible, creating tension on the rubber band. And when released, you’re launched into your future.

Do that in 2014
Happy New Year

PS: Happy birthday sis!

Rubber Band is part of the “Little Voices” series. Little voices are like the angels on the shoulders you see in cartoons, but not just good or bad. There are much more Little Voices, like the fearful one, the daring one, the sensitive one, the one who doesn’t like change and so on, but all of them influence behavior in one way or the other.

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