The fear of the un-thinkable

We people are good in thinking the un-thinkable. Even when it doesn’t exist we tend to create a negative thought and make it the center of the earth.

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That can be pretty paralyzing, while the opposite is also true.

Imagine the way you came until now is on an uphill road and you reached the top*. Where does it leave you? And what will you do?

Hell yeah, you can stay on he top, looking around enjoying the view, asking what’s next, or enjoy the ride down hill. You deserve it.

And remember: use the momentum but try to avoid obstacles (real and imaginative ones). There’s only two things that can happen:

  1. The ride is only downhill from here and you’re lucky
  2. There’s an other hill ahead, so try to pick up as much speed as you can, you’ll get to that top easily for another ride downhill and you’re lucky again.

Every situation is an opportunity and depending on the way or perspective or from which dimension you look at it, it will create a new insight and new energy and sometimes even a new purpose.

I was thinking about the antonym of fear and found some great words, like calmness, cheer and happiness.
I call it freedom.
The freedom of the thinkable.

Enjoy the ride.


*The top is a matter of perspective, because either one continues the way to the actual top or turn around and make the current position the top.