The properties of a path creator


To discover the world I like to run.

Whether I am in a new town or on holidays, I believe it’s a good way to get to know the environment (and stay healthy at the same time ;-)).  Also when I’m running from the house I like to discover new paths. On one on my runs I had an interesting metaphor.

Old paths are just there. Everyone takes them, so the ground is worn and the surface flat. Even in the dark, just a little moonshine lights up the light colour of the path. That is easy and relaxed running. At any pace.

The thing with new paths is that they’re new.
Therefore they are not there. It’s a potential path.

A potential path is just a very attractive area. To create a path means running from where you are to some point at the horizon. The point of freedom, freshness, new things, an adventure!

But because there’s no path, the ground is rough, rocky and unequal. The grass is high and robust and the risk of twisting an ankle or trip is always present.

The best way to create a new path is to adapt your speed and stay focussed on the surface so you don’t trip. And keep in shape to run the same track over and over again.

After a while you’ll notice your speed increases, thoughts start wondering around again and suddenly you realize the rough track has turned into a path.

Happy running.

Life is a journey and sometimes it necessary to rewind

Schermafbeelding 2013-09-04 om 20.56.42It is like music on a cassette tape (which was by the way invented 50 years ago). The music plays, life goes on, knowledge and experience build up. Some songs have certain undeniable memories. You know that feeling.

And sometimes you need to rewind and listen to the songs again.

Chances are, this time you hear a different message or build a new memory in a new spirit.