Play5In order to create it’s is necessary the de-create.

Who we are is like Lego.

We have a baseplate, that are our genes. We can’t change them (although we can change the activity within the genes, but that’s a different story) and we have a soul, pure and eternal.

On that baseplate, as we start living, we put the building blocks of experiences, habits and routines. Layer after layer we build, new  on old , good on bad and vice versa. Our soul provides the energy to do so, but sometimes, with all these building blocks, it is getting dense and can get suffocating.

Souls don’t like that.
And we don’t notice.
Too busy, to preoccupied.

Until a point something or someone alerts us.
Then we realize we have a problem.

But this problem is a positive problem, it offers the opportunity to change. I use the positive definition of the word ‘problem’. It is the discrepancy between the current situation and the ideal situation, or the current state of mind and the new consciousness.

Back to the Lego.
In order to create you have to decreate.
Take a minute to realize.

Take of fthe blocks, keep the ones you like, no matter whether it is size, color, shape and set aside the once you don’t like or don’t need and give them away as good advice. Find or get new blocks, maybe even the nice transparent once.

Then start creating.

The new and improved you and the good thing is, you can take off the blocks at any time you want. Being aware of that is your new consciousness, it creates flexibility. All new experiences are new building blocks. Use them as you want.

So be adventurous, go out and find new experiences. every experience is a building block.
You can use it or give it away.

De-create is part of the Heroic series. The idea behind the paintings is to re-discover or inner child and release it. Letting the child free in you as an adult is an heroic deed! Not only your happiness gets a boost, you’ll make surroundings happy as well. Try it. Just start laughing hard, you’ll see others will start laughing as well.

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