Scappy and the Echo

Play4To set the scene right away, Scappy is the contraction is of Scary and Happy and it is the way we are generally raised as children. We’re happy, but are continuously reminded by our parents (and other adults) of the things we don’t do right. That’s the scary part.

The Echo is about the fact that our parents were raised by their parents who grew up Scappy as well.

The way children are raised by parents is often an echo of the way our grandparents were raising our parents and the great grand parents were raising them, etcetera. Take that plus the changing environment (we got phone, radio, black & white tv, color tv, computer, internet, smartphones, emancipation, short skirts, wealth, …) and you probably catch my drift.

Times are always changing. The way we judge our parents is based on the now on the us, not on the then and the them. And generally, let’s face it, we’re all trying well, and do as right as we can, without deliberately giving trauma’s to our children. But it happens, with only good intentions, so how objective are we.

Well we can and we should, and yes, sometimes that’s hard.
The good thing is however, you can change the past as well as you can change the future. Just hold on the positive , but put the negative emotions from the past in a different context.

Negative experiences can be the best teachers as long as you recognize, understand (you don’t need to solve them), confront them and use them in a positive way. Not trying to be right, but feel right. You’ll grow a stronger person.

The thing is, when you keep living in the past, you’re wasting so much good for the future. The negativeness will prevent you from it. So I have a simple rule and it starts with reading the words.

Every day, and one day it’s a part of you:

No Blame, Creates Gain.

Scappy and the Echo is part of the Heroic series. The idea behind the paintings is to re-discover or inner child and release it. Letting the child free in you as an adult is an heroic deed! Not only your happiness gets a boost, you’ll make surroundings happy as well. Try it. Just start laughing hard, you’ll see others will start laughing as well.

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