I saw this painting of my sister and instantly the word Universe popped up in my head.


At the same instant, I realized my ‘universe’ is growing and wondered why I had that thought.


Funny how looking at a word makes that word come alive. Becoming a friend that tells you a wise story.

In this case:

uni, from unite or united.
I found my soulmate and together we’re so much more then our parts. Not even counting the happy big bang impact our 2 unexpected children had on our existing universe.

For me this part of the word means, open up your soul, finding true friends, a partner or maybe just family to feel good with or all together. Without it, it’s hard to get to the next.

verse as in group of lines of a poem of a song.
This is about continuity, about the story and one of the things I defined for this is the circle of happiness.

Sometimes it is hard to make (emotional) decisions, because most of the time, the decision is – or seems to be – sub-optimal.

My rule of thumb is that the net result of a decision must be positive or how many people will have a positive happiness impact. The bigger this circle of happy people, the happier I become, the more happiness I can give.
Happiness is energy.

Happy universal living.


Universe is part of the Heroic series. The idea behind the paintings is to re-discover or inner child and release it. Letting the child free in you as an adult is an heroic deed! Not only your happiness gets a boost, you’ll make surroundings happy as well. Try it. Just start laughing hard, you’ll see others will start laughing as well.

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