Maybe you’re born with a talent, but you’re not born with knowledge

3335652343_1dba943e5fBeing born with a talent or talents is a blessing, but there are a few things to be aware of.

First having a talent doesn’t mean it is discovered. By yourself or by another.

To discover it by yourself I’d say just try. Do a lot of things, even the things that are scary or seem far away. The things you’re good at will stick and develop.

For others to discover it? Don’t worry, it’ll happen, but that’s not the objective. The focus is on you.

The second thing is that in order to let talent grow to its full potential, it takes experience and knowledge (which in a way are the same).

That can take long time and this is a crucial period. It’s this period that makes a lot of talented people loose faith and quit. Be aware and keep going. Use the experience, make it your own, building knowledge and your own style.

This can be a very insecure period, but differentiates true talent from less-talented. The real ones keep on going, learning, growing, falling down, getting up and move on.

Talent is not just a natural born trait, it is also persistence and focus.

Until that time remember this: Talent are like Italian shoes. They look great, they fit beautifully, but only after walking enough miles makes them perfectly, like a second skin. But in order to get there, you have to deal with painful blisters.

And that can be a lot.

But at one point your talent and knowledge match. That is heaven.