Worrier or Warrior

Heroic WarriorI hadn’t noticed it before, but these words look and sound almost the same.
Besides, it can be a thin line. From worrier to warrior or vice versa.

And when words have that, there’s something to say about them.

The thing is, that worrying is about the future. The things that lay ahead. Worrying starts when it is hard to visualize what the outcome will be. But it is better to think (and not worry) what things could be.

Could be is thinking about possibilities, not one single outcome.
Could be is about creating a new reality, not re-creating an old one.

Besides, who says one outcome can’t or isn’t leading to another outcome that lies behind? Or behind that? Sometimes utopia is the outcome of a series of events. Events of good and bad.

So, when you worry, you have to become a warrior!
But, is it?

It took me a looooong while to figure it out and it kept bugging my mind. Fortunately it didn’t paralyze me in thinking about other things or made me an annoying person, but today I figured it out.

The thing with Worrier and Warrier is the order.
It has to be turned around and the Worrying has to be redefined.

Warrior is about collecting things or thoughts. It is about change and learning. It is about conquering and that can be anything. That can be a degree or buying a house or dealing with something or someone after we achieved it, we’re in the Warrior mood.
It is about being in the DO-mood.

But after the DOING it is necessary to BE. Being, is sitting on the situation.
Contemplating, having all kinds of thoughts, the experience.

doing nothing,
just be.
The longer we’re able to be in the BE-mode, the more possibilities will arise. Possibilities that weren’t there before. And the chance that among these possibilities is is a great possibility increases. Then it is time to switch back to the DO mode.

(I learned that from Asmit Goswami)

Worrying is contemplating with a purpose, so it can be a very positive thing.
That I learned today.

So every time I’m a Worrier, is sit back and relax.
Sitting on it, creating possibilties.
Creating the chance of a new reality.

And that’s it.

Worrier or Warrior  is part of the Heroic series. The idea behind the paintings is to re-discover or inner child and release it. Letting the child free in you as an adult is an heroic deed! Not only your happiness gets a boost, you’ll make surroundings happy as well. Try it. Just start laughing hard, you’ll see others will start laughing as well.

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