InnocenceInnocence, when did we loose it and why?

It is exciting to think of the properties a baby has when it is born. Pure, un-influenced, not able to understand or think, just be. So what are these properties?

I think there are 9 things to consider.

Wonder: In the eyes of the natural child all is interesting and exciting. Everything, per definition is fun and interesting. No prejudice or ‘yes but’s “.

Optimism: A child has a natural spark of life. The journey of discovery is based on intense optimism. No fear, only happiness.

Naivety: The naivety of children is one of the reasons why we find them charming and attractive and is the core of their innocence. Children live in the now and are pleasure oriented.

Dependency: Children are by nature – and not by choice – dependent and full of needs and that is good. That’s the spirit.

Emotions: Laughing and crying. They LAUGH very loud and when necessary CRY very loud as well. Don’t stop, let it go.

Resilience: This is the ability jump up again after emotional stress, again and again and again, with a positive and optimistic attitude an a strong wish to go further and keep on going.

Free play: Children have a natural sense of freedom and when they feel safe they move with great spontaneity. You can see it and it’s contagious.

Unique: Although a child’s immature, he has an organic sense of wholeness, the I AM. In other words, from the inside-out it feels an integrated wholeness. That is the essence and not vice versa.

Love: Children are naturally set to love and affection. They’re open for it like sponges. It is therefore easy to give it.

Thinking about that is beautiful. I thought about them for myself and realize that I am fortunate to still have a big number of these properties still actively present. The ones that I don’t have I am re-embracing.

Enjoy the innocence.

This painting is part of the Reformation series.
 Reformation is embracing new knowledge and insights in order to rewire existing patterns in the brain and ones natural behavior. Reformation is phase One and internal. Phase Two is Transformation the external result.

2 thoughts on “Innocence

  1. April F March 28, 2013 / 7:11 pm

    Great post. Where is the picture from? Did you paint it?

    • GSH March 28, 2013 / 8:11 pm

      I wrote the post, my sister did the painting, you can check her out on

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