It is like going to an appointment. An important or less important one, but it would be good to be there in time. In order to get there, you have to walk to a market.

But on this market merchants are calling at you and want to sell beautiful, nice, good tasting, attractive, great looking or cheap stuff.

It is hard to resist and very tempting to stop or even buy things or just have small talk or trying to get rid of that particular persistent merchant….

At the end of the market you realize you’re too late and out of money.

Well, that is OK, as long as you had a good time and a good experience, but make that mental click. Make it clear and lasting. ‘Good time versus not reaching the original destination’, otherwise there’s a risk of having regrets. Not good.

When your objective is to reach the destination, be aware of the merchants. They’re always there, with great offers. Smile, nod, wave, laugh, but don’t slow down. Keep focussed on the destination, enjoying the ride.

No distraction, your direction.

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