Holywood – Superstition


It is good to be superstitious. Why not?

It helps creating a (new) reality and that’s always good. Take a look at the movie “What the Bleep do we know”. I believe it is an incredibly interesting movie about Quantum Physics and how that influences everyone’s life’s. For me that movie was the start of a new way of thinking.

Anyway, superstition.
It is good to have rituals, special ways of thinking or tokens and make sure to believe in them. Even if they’re not giving the outcome you expected of wished for.

Probably there’s a reason it did not happen, because one thing that did not happen, will create the opportunity for another exciting event to pop into existence and that might lead to something really unexpected.

Unexpected. That is the scary part, but imagine this, if everything happened as you planned for, everything will stay the same, unless you’re incredible creative, and even then.

So hold on to (or start) your superstition, your rituals, your special ways of thinking! Open your mind and stay on the path to Holywood!

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