Holywood – The Path


Everybody has a Holy-wood.
Holywood is good.

Holywood is that great place where we all want to be. Everybody has his own Holywood and it’s hard to describe. I call it paradise on earth.

Me, I can’t picture it, it’s hard to grab, but I am on that path. That I know and feel. And when I look around me, I’m very close to my Holywood, I think…

Thinking back, somewhere in me, there was always that feeling things will change. There’s something going to happen. Not that I was unhappy, on the contrary, I just felt things would even better. And to be honest, they did. Constantly.

In that sense Holywood could be a destination we never reach. I think that’s OK as long as we’re on the path leading to Holywood. That is good. The path gives us energy.

A good thing to know is that you shouldn’t turn around, or walk back on the path. That is a waste of energy and will not bring what you might expect.

Move forward; turn negative into positive and when required, the path will catch up on you. You will have the opportunity to make things right. The path will wind, it is never a straight line; that would be boring.

Open your mind, think constructive and be creative.

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