The Balance of Un-balance


The dark side of ‘Balance’ is you become lazy. Things go right, so why worry.

The risk is, that when there’s a sudden change, you’re not prepared at all. That isn’t a problem of course, a sudden change is an opportunity as well. The real problem is, that because of this laziness you’re not quick enough to move and see the opportunity, let alone to seize it.

That’s why I’m preaching the Balance of the Un-balance, in other words, not becoming lazy. It is about ‘staying alert’ let’s say it’s being on the positive side of ‘What if’ scenario’s.

The good thing of embracing un-balance is that you train some kind of muscle.

I had to think about my 12 month old son who just started to walk. Looking at his cute little feet, there are 2 things I notice:

1. The wobbling of his feet when he’s standing still. It is really great to look at and amazing the boy can suddenly walk!
2. His feet are flat, they don’t have the ‘arc’ adults have and it is exactly what the wobbling is doing. Training the muscle that creates the arc and ultimately Balance.

That is what Balance the Un-balance is, the wobbling, training the muscle for the arc. In this case it is training eyes and mind to be alert for changes and opportunities. It is also training the Serendipity Muscle: Finding what your not looking for.

Leave your hat on

From the REFORMATION series
Reformation Hat On

Everything is constantly changing. What is today, won’t be the same tomorrow, whether you want it or won’t.

Even if you worked hard to get somewhere or realized something, at the same time other things change (or will change or have changed without you noticing it).

This definitely doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the moment, on the contrary, enjoy as hard as you can and embrace all new things that come on your path.

I always say that achievements of today are a springboard for tomorrow. Those can be positive and negative. Both are energy and necessary to create momenta.

The thing is, we as humans, in general don’t like change and when things change, we feel frightened by what might come next.

But remember this, in stagnant water, it is easier for nasty bacteria to flourish, in vibrant flowing water they won’t. Flowing water is energy transports nutrition, creates airy bubbles and sounds great.

Be that vibrant river, don’t sit down to long, leave your hat on.

‘Leave your hat on’ is part of the Reformation series.
 Reformation is embracing new knowledge and insights in order to rewire existing patterns in the brain and ones natural behavior. Reformation is phase One and internal. Phase Two is Transformation the external result.

Holywood – Superstition


It is good to be superstitious. Why not?

It helps creating a (new) reality and that’s always good. Take a look at the movie “What the Bleep do we know”. I believe it is an incredibly interesting movie about Quantum Physics and how that influences everyone’s life’s. For me that movie was the start of a new way of thinking.

Anyway, superstition.
It is good to have rituals, special ways of thinking or tokens and make sure to believe in them. Even if they’re not giving the outcome you expected of wished for.

Probably there’s a reason it did not happen, because one thing that did not happen, will create the opportunity for another exciting event to pop into existence and that might lead to something really unexpected.

Unexpected. That is the scary part, but imagine this, if everything happened as you planned for, everything will stay the same, unless you’re incredible creative, and even then.

So hold on to (or start) your superstition, your rituals, your special ways of thinking! Open your mind and stay on the path to Holywood!

Holywood – The Path


Everybody has a Holy-wood.
Holywood is good.

Holywood is that great place where we all want to be. Everybody has his own Holywood and it’s hard to describe. I call it paradise on earth.

Me, I can’t picture it, it’s hard to grab, but I am on that path. That I know and feel. And when I look around me, I’m very close to my Holywood, I think…

Thinking back, somewhere in me, there was always that feeling things will change. There’s something going to happen. Not that I was unhappy, on the contrary, I just felt things would even better. And to be honest, they did. Constantly.

In that sense Holywood could be a destination we never reach. I think that’s OK as long as we’re on the path leading to Holywood. That is good. The path gives us energy.

A good thing to know is that you shouldn’t turn around, or walk back on the path. That is a waste of energy and will not bring what you might expect.

Move forward; turn negative into positive and when required, the path will catch up on you. You will have the opportunity to make things right. The path will wind, it is never a straight line; that would be boring.

Open your mind, think constructive and be creative.