Shifting Speed

From the REFORMATION series

The story of Toomee.

Toomee is 1 person and 2 manifestations. One is Fastmee and he’s walking fast. The other is Slowmee, trying to catch up.

Fastmee is pre-occupied chasing ambitions, missing out on life. Ambitions of a bigger house, better things, a bigger job and more stuff and more stuff.

Slowmee on the other hand, is enjoying live, the moment and everything along the way. His child within is fully alive. He has no worries and finds living in the moment the highest goal of life. But, he’s frustrated because together, Fastmee and Slowmee, they’re on an inseparable journey.
He needs to catch up with Fastmee.

Suddenly Slowmee realizes he’s missing out on all the good stuff and the fact that he only knows the back of Fastmee, which is pretty boring.

In that inspiring moment he has the best idea ever. He shouts at Fastmee to slow down.

Fastmee turns his head and looks back at Slowmee. For the first time in their lives, they see each other. It is a magic moment. At that instant they decide to continue their journey side by side, helping each other to speed up when necessary or slow down when needed. Always with big smiles on their faces.

The advantage of speed a.k.a. fast life, is that you get faster to a destination. So it seems, but what if you don’t know the destination? And let’s face it, none of does.

One of the problems with too much speed, is that you don’t get to see the beautiful view a long the way. And as a result you will miss out on some of the greatest inspiration, that would have changed the outcome of your journey.

Another problem with too much speed – trying to live like an ‘adult’ – is that it’s easy to forget your childhood dreams. Can you remember them?

I am not saying it always has to be slow – but hey! – life goes fast enough as it is, so enjoy the moment.

Happy shifting

Shifting Speed is part of the Reformation series.
Reformation is embracing new knowledge and insights in order to rewire existing patterns in the brain and ones natural behavior. Reformation is phase One and internal. Phase Two is Transformation the external result.

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