Shifting Prejudice

From the REFORMATION series.

Prejudice or prejudge, in essence is a good word.
It creates a constructed context for a new or unexpected situation. The problem rises when this context is – or becomes – rigid, instead of flexible and changing with any new input. In other words: when pre-judgment becomes reality, it’s not good.

I say it is an easy trap to get caught in, especially in negative situations. It creates a good excuse for victim behavior and quest for attention. The problem? Mean becomes the objective.

When you’re in this situation, it is hard to see you are by yourself and people feel sorry for you, so most of the time they won’t tell you. You get stuck in this way and it becomes a kind of a prepetulum mobile creating negative energy.

But there’s a way to change this negative energy into positive. When you’re a victim and survived, you’re a hero with a lot of baggage. Realize that! Stop looking at yourself as a victim. Become that hero, your hero.

Learn to use the baggage in a positive way. Make your prejudice flexible. Nothing happens for nothing. Be curious for the next great thing.

Happy shifting

Shifting Prejudice is part of the Reformation series.
Reformation is embracing new knowledge and insights in order to rewire existing patterns in the brain and ones natural behavior. Reformation is phase One and internal. Phase Two is Transformation the external result

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