It’s funny how you can live somewhere on the globe and realize or feel, there’s always a small distance between the souls of your shoes and the ground. Like just not connecting. Not that it influences your life or happiness or anything, but you feel the difference when you come home. Your true home.

True home adds an extra layer or an extra level of intense energy to everything you are.

I used to live abroad and now I moved back to The Netherlands and I can tell the difference. It is even stronger when I go back Friesland or Fryslân as it spelled in the Frisian language and the official name since 1996, my true home country.

The Frisian Anthem says it even better then I can:

Frysk bloed tsjoch op! Wol no ris brûze en siede,
En bûnzje troch ús ieren om!
Flean op! Wy sjonge it bêste lân fan d’ierde,
It Fryske lân fol eare en rom.

Klink dan en daverje fier yn it rûn
Dyn âlde eare, o Fryske grûn!

Translated it says:

Frisian blood start moving
Fizz, cook, and bounce through our veins!
Come on! We sing the best country in the world,
The Frisian land full of honor and fame

Sound and thunder far around
Your old honor, o Frisian ground

I love that anthem, but hey, I am prejudiced!
On the other hand it just says exactly what I mean and just to give you the feeling, it is comparable when you com home after being on a 3 week holiday.

But grounding is more than that and I had the privilege of experiencing it. I met the woman of my life. Or better, re-met, because we kind of had a relationship 15 years ago, but we were’t ready for each other.

By chance (and Facebook) we met again and it was BOOM. And now we have a child and a second one coming and just thinking about them makes me so intense happy. True love is very much grounding and then it doesn’t matter where you are.

But because of her and our child I learned a third way of grounding and that sounds pretty simple: Love thyself.

When you don’t love yourself it is very hard to love someone else. Loving yourself is about accepting who you are or change what you don’t like. In an active way, and that starts with thinking. Listening to your thought and not being afraid confronting them. I created an inner voice doing that, with great results.

Anyway, this painting for me is grounding in the pure sense of the word. It hits me right in the triangle under my ribs. Any feeling you have there is about grounding.
Try it, sense it.

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