Embrace The Obvious

I hear people saying “yes”, when they read my posts.

“That’s what I think as well” they say and it made me wonder.
Am I original enough?

Should I change my subjects or the way I write about them?

But then I realized it’s ok.

It reminded me of something I heard.

Most parachute accidents happen to experienced jumpers. The reason is, they’re so experienced, they forget the safety regulations.

We tend to forget the obvious, our brain is trained like that. It is trained to notice the differences. It’s a very old habit from when we were living in hostile environments. Change meant danger. Today change means progress and that is what we want to pursuit, somehow.

Normally I would embrace progress, but the more I think about it, the more positive dimensions I see in “Embracing The Obvious”. Let me talk about some and inspire you to think of more.

One dimension is to enjoy what you have and don’t complain about what you haven’t. I heard of a little girl, who died from a returning cancer and it made me realize the fortune I have. As simple as that. Love the ones close to you, it is so precious.

Another dimension I found is that we have the tendency to find solutions far away or complex, while the best solutions lay right under our nose. When you see it, it feels like one of those drawings. Suddenly it’s there. I want to get experienced in seeing them.

A third dimension I call the dimension of negative thoughts. Negative thoughts are like a virus, they spread quickly and influence everything you do. Like putting a heavy fog on life. A simple solution (but hard practice) is to recognize negative thoughts and replace them by positive ones.

Then there’s the one way dimension. Life sometimes feels like a one way street, but it is not. Everything changes, always. We’re constantly on a crossroad and we can make choices every moment of the day, leading to a new destination. Wonderful isn’t it?

The brain dimensions is puzzling. I read an article about how the brain works in situations were a decision needs to be made. The fact is that the brain already made a decision before we’re aware of it. The time between the decision of the brain and our personal awareness is just babbling between the right and left hemisphere. That can be very confusing, because the left brain is trying to rationalize a decision that is already made by the left (I know it is a simplification click to find out more).
In other words, follow your guts.

There’s one dimension, I’d like to share and that is the +1 dimension. When you feel stuck in the three dimensions we live in, try to imagine a 4th dimension and look at yourself. Try to pull yourself in this fourth dimension. Or fifth, or sixth. Your the boss.

I know, a lot if dimensions and I am not expecting you to remember all these dimensions. It is my path of thoughts but it made me more aware of the obvious or gut feeling.

Just remember these three words:
Embrace The Obvious
or more easy: