The Broad Way

It is easy to fall into the pitfall of narrow-mindedness. I believe it is because we get used to things easily and therefore forget the fortune we have.

Imagine everyday waking up with everything in tact accept your memory of the good fortune and good experiences. That’ll be quite an experience! Suddenly you experience common things, as it was the first time, like:

Breathing fresh air, experiencing the sensational taste of an orange, the coolness of water on a hot day, the heat of a stove on a cold winter day, the sense of an embracement, a kiss on your lips or skin, a glass of water when you’re thirsty, family, friends, silence, the sound of birds, the lapping of water against a sailing boat, ….

Small things of which we’ve grown accustomed to and forget to appreciate. Instead, we (or I, whatever suits) focus on things we don’t have. That creates unnecessary negative energy.

The word jealousy comes to mind and the funny thing is that this word is derived from the Latin word zelosus, (or Greek zelos, ζῆλος) meaning full of zeal, where zeal is defined as: great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective.
Also funny is the French explanation: Looking from behind the jaloux (= blinds).

So originally jealous had a positive connotation. Unfortunately, the bible and Shakespeare (he introduced jealousy as the green-eyed monster) put in the negative. I will force myself thinking of it from the positive perspective: Great energy & Enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective.

Of course we all want bigger houses, more money, more things and that is ok, but look at it differently. The pursuit is more then half the fun, it’s the travel, not the destination. Having it will make us forget it. Like the small blessings.

Of course there are the ‘if / then’s’, but without these ‘if’s’ other great things will and have happened already, we just need to re-focus or better, have a broader perspective, changing from convergent to divergent. Flip the funnel, create air.

I focus on the small and the big things I have (and they are great!). It stimulates me to enjoy them even more and gives energy to pursuit dreams and creating them.