Sunny Rain

When I ask you to choose from one of these 2 titles:
Sunny Rain or Rainy Sun
which one would you choose?

Probably Sunny Rain.

It is interesting isn’t it?

Most of us would choose Sunny Rain probably, because Rainy Sun has a negative connotation. It’s the word Rain that gives us that negative feeling. I made the same choice, but it made me think.

We need rain to enjoy the sun. Rain and sun are both part of life. Imagine there’s only sun and no rain. You’d get used to the sun so much that it becomes boring, no big deal at all (you’d even wish for rain, probably).

In nature, sun gets a purpose after rain, but is necessary before the rain. After rain leaves are greener, flowers more colourful and try to imagine the smell right after the rain. Just thinking about the smell makes my nose tickle and gives me a happy feeling.

The ‘Sunny Rain’ perception, I think, is about routines. It’s easy to get stuck in routines, not realizing all the amazing stuff that surround us every day.

Maybe we were aware the first time we experienced it, but over time we get used to it and forget. It is necessary for things go wrong – and sometimes really wrong – to realize the blessings. Rain. A wake up call.

But rain is more. Imagine a holiday with a lot of rain. Either you nag about it all day long (and I know people who do)  and have a bad holiday or you find solutions to enjoy the rainy day.

One of the things I love when it rains is playing games with friends or family, or read a book, or learn how to draw, or lay in bed listening to the rain. Rain can be an excuse for doing nothing, which is great

Rain forces us to do ‘other’ things; it forces us to become more creative or it helps us put things into a different perspective. Metaphorically speaking of course ….

What’s your weather forecast?

When anticipating a joyful activity, the brain creates more ‘happiness juice’, when that same joyful activity already has happened in the past. But, with a negative activity, the brain creates more unhappiness anticipating it then when the same activity happened in the past.