The Mighty Engine Of Inspiration

The mighty Engine Of Inspiration* is always there, but you have to turn the ignition key to turn it in to creativity.

*inspiration is about opportunities and the world is full of them. Creativity is about the ability to create your own life, based on these opportunities. Anything is possible!

I am fortunate to be born pretty creative, but when I ride my bike, it really starts to flow. I get in a state of flow, which I don’t have just thinking. It’s my way of meditation and seeing things very clear. I have to stop now and then to write things down! Or my head will explode.

So it’s not only sport that can get you in this state of mind, but it’s a nice one and you have to be open to it, otherwise there’s not the flow of thoughts.

I know from my girlfriend that walking the dogs gets you in a flow or others just walk without the dogs or even sit in a hot bath to get the inspiration engine working. Doesn’t matter how it starts, as long as it does. It is liberating.

What’s your key?

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