Restlessness is potential energy. It needs focus and control.

Instead of doing something, it is sometimes better to think or read, find out the cause of your restlessness and refocus. Besides, even when there’s on real cause, it is good to think.

Brain fact: although it is a small organ, the brain uses up to 25% of all the carbon hydrates in your body.

Change your past and you will change your future

If you feel like a victim but you’re still alive, you’re a hero with a lot of baggage. Use it well.

Brain fact: a brain cannot make a distinction between past or present, concerning emotions. So past emotions will release bad peptides through your hypothalamus in the present, having a negative impact on your cells.

– Gong San Ho

Change your reality and you will change your thoughts.

I know, this is not what you expect, especially looking at my previous quote and what spiritual leaders say, but it is true.

-Before reading further, just think about it for a few minutes.







It makes sense doesn’t it. One can probably change reality with ones thoughts and there’s proof it does. But, I don’t think that’s enough. Besides, in order to change reality with thoughts, you have to be a professional 😉
And most of us are not.

What is reality?
It is the way we perceive the world and it’s interesting to see how this reality exists or how it is put into existence. There’s the perception based on knowledge or experience (or the lack of it) and there’s the perception of a situation.

The lack of knowledge or experience can be best explained by, for example: ‘not speaking a language’ (metaphorically speaking). You hear the words, but don’t understand them.

An example of a situation is a job or a relationship. If you don’t like it, you can try to think these disliking’s away or think of being in a better place, but that is not enough and it doesn’t change (and the funny thing is, most people stay very long in jobs or relationships they don’t like).

So why do we stick in our old reality?
Well, change creates insecurity and that we naturally want to avoid. But how can you expect a different outcome, if you keep doing the same thing? The interesting thing is that when I ask you to think of people you know who were forced to change, you know most of them feel much happier afterwards.

So what’s the solution?
Don’t be afraid, make that decision to change your reality. Start small or big, but start. Change an annoying habit, change that job you don’t like or that relationship you’re stuck in. Or start to gain knowledge by learning ‘the language’.

You’ll know your thoughts will change. It’s like the first day wearing new shoes or new clothes. You walk taller and feel good (at least I do). You think different about yourself. That’s it, that is where a new reality changes your thoughts!

It reminds me of another blog I wrote about gaming and career. The personal development people went through when they played a game, which is in a way another reality. It turned out they developed
Urgent Optimism, 
Social Fabric, 
Blissful Productivity & Epic Meaning. In the end, games are used to come up with solutions to change the world. Fascinating isn’t it? Have a read.

By changing your reality, you will automatically change the way you think and this new way of thinking will change your reality, which will change your thoughts and so forth. Cool isn’t it. A genuine perpetuum mobile.

The Mighty Engine Of Inspiration

The mighty Engine Of Inspiration* is always there, but you have to turn the ignition key to turn it in to creativity.

*inspiration is about opportunities and the world is full of them. Creativity is about the ability to create your own life, based on these opportunities. Anything is possible!

I am fortunate to be born pretty creative, but when I ride my bike, it really starts to flow. I get in a state of flow, which I don’t have just thinking. It’s my way of meditation and seeing things very clear. I have to stop now and then to write things down! Or my head will explode.

So it’s not only sport that can get you in this state of mind, but it’s a nice one and you have to be open to it, otherwise there’s not the flow of thoughts.

I know from my girlfriend that walking the dogs gets you in a flow or others just walk without the dogs or even sit in a hot bath to get the inspiration engine working. Doesn’t matter how it starts, as long as it does. It is liberating.

What’s your key?