Babylon IV

-Be alone

Although it is hard, it is good to be alone now and then. Really alone. Alone with your thoughts and often thoughts you never had or could imagine popping out of your mind.

I believe we spend too much time in distraction. That can be anything. Smartphone, TV, signs, people, traffic, neighbours, noises, worries. We’ve grown up with these sounds and distractions and believe it is normal, but it is not.

I am not preaching meditation. I myself are not good at it, but the principle is right. Me, I go biking or running and lately I have so many ideas and thoughts that I deliberately created a stop to write things down, otherwise my head’ll explode. Thoughts I don’t have when I do my regular stuff . It is liberating and it makes me very happy.

It is very interesting for me as well, because I don’t know where the thoughts come from. And it can be anything, from themes of children’s stories to quotes or things like I am writing now. At first I tried to analyse the source of these thoughts, but there’s no direct link, so I don’t try it anymore. I just let them come.

Try it some time.
Take a walk in the woods or grab your bike, alone, by yourself, no distraction and try very hard to think of nothing.
Have fun.

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