– Follow your heart.

Our environment, our parents, our teachers, our friends, has the best of intentions and try to point us in the right direction. Most of the time, it is in the direction of conventions. And that seems OK, ‘cause everybody is doing it, so why not.

But without people who go in the opposite direction, we’d still be somewhere stuck in the Stone Age. Well, as a matter of speech. It is of course the people who have the energy and the vision and the guts to do things differently, who have changed things, but that isn’t easy.

Somewhere, at one point in my life I read (or thought): My biggest ambition in life is to make mistakes and ever since it is part of me.

Not that I am deliberately looking for these mistakes, but I am not afraid to make them, always thinking the opposite of conventions or expectations and see whether that might work, or not.

It is like walking barefoot on pebbles. The first days, weeks, months or even years it hurts, but after time you don’t feel it anymore. Contra-conventional becomes natural as well. It is an interesting place to be, with amazing undiscovered (creative) opportunities.

And then a new challenge comes up. Creating the context in which people understand unconventional thinking. That is (an) art.

Welcome in the World of WEAST.


*Ladida is short for singing out loud in public, like on your bike or just walking in the street. I mean, why not!

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