– The World in a nutshell

Isn’t it funny how nearby everything and anyone is. I mean, smartphones, tablet PC, Skype, FaceTime, planes, trains, automobiles. It is possible to have friends all over the world and be connected. No matter where they are. Global becomes local, but also from globally to more intense.

I experience it with my sister. She’s living in Bali and I am not, but the intensity of our relationship has never been as strong as it is today.

It made me wonder how that works. It’s much more then the possibility to electronically connect, or physically move. It’s also some kind of spiritual connection and that is a state of mind.

I think it is imagination. I’m not sure where that word comes from, but the way I see it, it is derived from ‘imagining it’, draw the pictures in your head and in a way fool your brain.

It is funny, but the brain cannot see the difference between real and imagination. The same areas light up when you actually see it or just think about it. So when you feel sad, think happy thoughts, when you feel tired, think energy, when you feel alone, think friends and when you think hard enough, they’ll feel it, for sure.

My sister and I think creative, we’ve created the world of WEAST, our world in a nutshell, where anything can and will happen. With that we somehow got connected to what we used to have as children and lost along the way. Or maybe what had to be, but wasn’t able to come out and it is amazing the energy that comes out of that!

Do you have a world of WEAST, what is your nutshell?

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