Babylon III

– Balibon

The difference between a cacophony and the most beautiful poem in the world, is the order in which the words are put. Think about that. All the words are already there, we just need to learn to put them in the right order.

My head is full of words. Good words, bad words, funny words, sad words and any word you can imagine. I like to collect words as thoughts and thoughts as words. The more words I have available, the better stories I can tell, I just need to put them in the right order. That’s my lesson, that’s how all great stories are written.

I have a credo: Live your life in a way you’re able to tell good stories at parties. There’s 3 things in there.

  1. Experience stories; don’t be afraid to do something new or unexpected, open your eyes;
  2. Become an entertaining and skilled storyteller. Practice a lot;
  3. Get invited to parties, so be nice to people.

What’s your story?

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