Babylon II

– Biblion

I have a small philosophy.
I try to read my thoughts as a book:

Chapter by Chapter, One by One.

Imagine reading it, jumping forth and back. Or quickly read the last page. That’s a choice, but you won’t get the story. I believe the story is more important then the plot.

It’s ok to read more then one book at the time, I even find that comforting. Depending on how I feel or what I want I get the book of the shelf, but I’ve structured it. I let go of the ‘must read’ and ‘now’, I read it whenever I feel like it.

Gathering my thoughts like that, is relaxed. I categorize them, like Wikipedia in my head, adding new information or experience when I found it and not afraid deleting stuff.

Keeps it fresh and airy,
I like that.

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